Three Best Marathon Recovery Foods

Eat these three things after a marathon for optimal recovery. Training for a marathon is a grueling task, especially in terms of what you eat. Your body is a machine, so making sure it has the best possible fuel is super important, especially when you are going to put your body through something as taxing... Continue Reading →

How to Fight Unhealthy Food Cravings

Food cravings affect everyone, but there are plenty of ways to fight them. Food cravings happen to the best of us, especially those of us who identify as female. Not only do we have to deal with food cravings once a month, but also when we are pregnant, stressed, pregnant and stressed, or dealing with... Continue Reading →

How to Handle Marathon Training Injuries

Sustaining an injury during marathon training isn’t the end of the world. I am currently training for another marathon. I know it probably seems like I am always saying that, but that’s probably because I am. I love the feeling of accomplishment that marathon training gives you, and it’s a great excuse to stay in... Continue Reading →

Five Signs of Vitamin D Deficiency

It’s important to keep an eye on Vitamin D, especially during winter. Even though you wouldn’t think it, since your body gets Vitamin D from the sun, almost 1 billion people worldwide have low levels of Vitamin D, and they aren’t all sequestered in the Northern hemisphere. Your body creates Vitamin D from cholesterol when... Continue Reading →

How to Stay Warm During Winter Workouts

Just because the weather is getting cold, doesn’t mean we should stop exercising. I will be the first to admit that the idea of winter conjures all sorts of ideas in my head, including sitting around the fire, drinking hot cocoa (or toddies, if you’re feeling frisky), and eating every piece of sugary food within... Continue Reading →

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